Porterhouse Prime Vinyl is a collection of vinyl records that have endeared themselves to music fans since their release. Our goal is to keep these titles alive in their original format, preserved and upheld for all to listen to, hold and enjoy.

Wherever possible we have undertaken to reproduce these recordings with the best of today's mastering technology to give you pristine sound quality that surpasses the original pressings.

Prime Vinyl has also attempted to recreate each album's artwork and lyric sheets as they were originally produced. The glory lives on in your hands every time you open up the record and slide it onto your turntable.

Long Live Vinyl!

Urge Overkill – "Saturation" – PHR-2015

Re­Mastered 180 Gram 12" Vinyl

Originally Released 1993

Produced by: Butcher Bros., Andy Kravitz

Recorded At: Lew Blum Midway Studios, Chicago, IL; Studio 4, Philadelphia, PA

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"When they hit the major labels, Urge Overkill followed through on their promise with the blistering Saturation. It's stadium rock by clever post-punkers who are smart enough to not let their carefully crafted image interfere with the music. Every one of the 12 songs is a killer, from the outlandish menace of "Stalker" to the moving ballad "Back on Me," as well as the tongue-in-cheek "Woman 2 Woman" and the radio hit "Sister Havana."

Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music

All – "Pummel" – PHR-2013

Re­Mastered 180 Gram 12" Vinyl

Originally Released 1995

Produced by: John Agnello

Recorded At: Ardent Recording, Memphis, TN;
Blasting Room, Ft. Collins, CO

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Young Canadians – "Hawaii" – PHR-2019

Re­mastered 4 song EP 40th Anniversary Re-Issue on Clear Orange Vinyl w/ Dowload Code

Includes All Original Artwork and Easter Egg Insert.

Originally Released 1980

Produced by: Bob Rock and Ted Thomas

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"No band from Vancouver's first-wave scene wrote greater songs"

Mike Usinger - Georgia Straight

Germs – "M.I.A. The Complete Anthology" – PHR-2020

Re-mastered Standard Weight 2 x 12" Vinyl

Contains Original Lyric Sheet

Originally released April 1993

Produced by: Joan Jett

Recorded by: Quad Tech, Los Angeles, CA.

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"They were the real thing, and it burns"

Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover