The Pointed Sticks were one of the first west-coast punk rock bands to capture international attention, with Stiff Records in the U.K. quickly signing them to a recording contract. But with money issues at the label the project was shelved, susequently re-recorded by Bob Rock as "Perfect Youth" and the rest is punk rock/power pop history.

The band's original line-up continues to perform and record to this day, with their most recent full-length; Beautiful Future available right now in our web-store. This new LP is streaming along with the rest of the band's releases at their artist destination 24/7 so avail yourself to the entire catalog for free!

Porterhouse has also obtained the 'Singles and B-Sides' collection "Waiting for the Real Thing" as well as the "Self Titled" and "Three Lefts Make a Right" studio full-lengths. We'll be releasing more Pointed Sticks music new and old in the beautiful future.