Lightweight Holiday were an indie rock outfit from Cincinnati Ohio, that made one record and then vanished as quickly as they appeared. The band drew on a myriad of influences, but created a sound thatwas all their own. Released in 2005 their self titled debut earned rave reviews from music press across America. Inclusion on the 2005 Warped tour compilation (which went gold) also garnered attention for the group, but alas it was not enough. Before we knew it they were gone.

This record still stands up as a collection of great tunes that are enjoyable years later. But don't take our word for it... here's what others said:

"Holiday generally opts for intelligent, deftly created guitar-pop more in line with Superdrag, Smoking Popes, and even Elvis Costello if you really care to dissect influences. Prodigiously smart, Lightweight Holiday's hook driven prowess fuels their debut's most convincing moments like "So Fake" and "Feel Alright" into more than just sticky-sweet pop confections, but true keepers."

Neal Agneta - The Big Takeover

"The debut release from this Cincinnati quartet is a tight, nuanced explosion of old school rock and roll. Their music, inspired by the likes of The Small Faces and The Get Up Kids, is upbeat rock at it's best."

DUG - Skratch Magazine