To say the Gun Club were an influential band is an epic understatement. The majority of alt-country, psychobilly and punk rock has been filtered through the lens of "Fire of Love." Simply put, this record changed the course of music history.

Originally released on Ruby Records, a small imprint of Los Angeles based Slash Records in 1981 "Fire of Love" sold well and received excellent critical acclaim.

At times chaotic and at other languid and spacious "FIre of Love" wraps Jeffrey Lee Pierce's twisted and revered poetry around the blues, country, rockabilly and punk rock.

The Gun Club formed out of a rockabilly band called The Cyclones led by Pleasant Gehman but Pleasant lasted just one show and Jeffrey Lee Pierce took over as singer. The band was re-christened The Gun Club upon the suggestion of Pierce's roommate, Black Flag and Circle Jerks singer Keith Morris.

The line up of Pierce; vocals and guitar, Ward Dotson; guitar, slide guitar, Rob Ritter; bass and Terry Graham; drums was rounded out in 1980 and shortly thereafter they hit the studio to record "Fire of Love." Both Ritter and Graham had been in the L.A. punk band The Bags previously. Dotson came Anaheim, California and was an excellent guitar player who knew his music and its history well.

Recorded in only a few days of marathon sessions and produced by Flesheater's lead vocalist Chris D. The results have been revered. As one critic noted "Nobody has heard music like this before or since."

Porterhouse has re-mastered this piece of history from the original quarter inch analog tapes and brought it roaring back to life. It sounds better now than it ever has.

"The songs become rock & roll ciphers, erasing themselves as soon as they speak, heading off into the whirlwind of a storm that is so big, so black, and so awful one cannot meditate on anything but its power."
– Thom Jurek, All Music