R.I.Y.L.: The Clash, D.O.A., Germs, Sham 69



Live! - L.P.

Track Listing

  1. Tell Her I Love Her
  2. Tell Me What I Want To Hear
  3. It's Not Worth It
  4. You're Not Blank
  5. Red Rockers Rule
  6. Mr. Big
  7. Sound Of The Rain
  8. Gimme A Break
  9. Modern Don Juan
  10. Class War
  11. You Can't Shake It
  12. Baby, You're My Whore
  13. The Expert
  14. It's Not Worth It
  15. National Guard
  16. Gimme A Break
  17. Citizen
  18. New Kicks
  19. Mr. Big
  20. Class War
  21. You're Not Blank
  22. It's Not Worth It
  23. I Hate The Rich
  24. What Goes On

Dils "Live!" 35th Anniversary Expanded Edition is Here!

Welcome back to "Live!" from the Dils! This LP has been out of print for over 30 years but that's all in the past. We've created an entire new "Expanded" package and added 10 more songs to the collection to help celebrate its 35th anniversary. That means "Live!" now contains over 70 minutes of live Dils!

This 35th Anniversary set features totally revamped artwork and a new insert that marries the original LP copy with rare images and a paragraph from then band manager Peter Urban. Peter helps set up the Expanded Edition's greatest feature, a bonus Compact Disc containing a never released 9 song Dils set from March 20, 1978 for the Miner's Benefit show at Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco.

Porterhouse has remastered the vinyl LP tracks from the original 1/4" analogue stereo tapes. The package includes a Digital Download but the song "What Goes On" a Velvet Underground cover, only appears on the bonus Compact Disc. Additionally, the collection will be available for purchase world-wide at Apple Music and you'll finally be able to stream "Live!" via Spotify and the other offenders.

You can also stream the entire record 24/7 at the Porterhouse site and order one of the only 500 packages created in our online store.

Dils no longer performs live.

Hailing from Carlsbad in San Diego county the Dils were one of the first punk rock bands on the West Coast. 40 years later they are considered ground breaking and widely influential.

Formed by brothers Chip and Tony Kinman in 1977 the band released three 7" singles before moving to Austin. TX, creating Rank and File and inventing the Alt-Country genre in the process.

In addition to the Dils, Porterhouse has pressed Ford Madox Ford the final collaboration between the Kinman brothers before Tony's passing in 2018. The band's "punked-blues" sound is yet another Kinman twist and their LP "This American Blues" features Tony as co-writer and Producer.