R.I.Y.L.: The Killers, Weezer, Against Me! & Arctic Monkeys



Track Listing

  1. Perfect
  2. David Bowie is Dead?
  3. Love Disaster
  4. London Girl
  5. Name & Numbers
  6. Less Conversation

David Bowie Is Dead? The Re-Mixes

Track Listing

  1. David Bowie is Dead? (E39 Disco Mix)
  2. David Bowie is Dead? (SONSofNUNS Mix)
  3. David Bowie is Dead? (PIN4APPLE Mix)
  4. David Bowie is Dead? (Dead Errant Mix)
  5. David Bowie is Dead? (CruHouse Mix)

Sweetheart Has Been Busy!

When our remix contest deadline passed on Sept 30th, it meant that we get to go to work listening to your take on our song! Big news and big plans will accompany the announcement of the winners of this contest so stay tuned!

Part of our Fanclub? If not, join now: www.iheartsweetheart.com You’ll get early access to all things Sweetheart! And you’ll know when big stuff happens before anyone else!

The David Bowie is Dead? Music video is almost ready to launch. Stay tuned to check it out. It’s really funny and we made Marty do hilarious things with a cat. (awkward?!)

There are new songs coming soon. It’s pretty much a factory in Sweetheartland these days. We’ve been frantically putting together a new EP to be recorded in the next few months and to be launched in 2013! We’re super excited for the new direction that some of these songs represent for us as a band and we hope you’ll like it!

We’re playing a show on October 20th, 2012 with our good friends from Victoria, Acres of Lions at the Cobalt. Doors at 8, tickets at the door! See you there!

Make sure you get our EP XOXOX from Porterhouse Records, because, well, it’s pretty rad!

Love, Team Sweetheart

Video in the Works and More...

As excitement mounts with the re-release of our E.P. XOXOX, we have shifted into high gear. This past weekend we shot a music video for fan favorite and live highlight song from XOXOX called "David Bowie is Dead?". Without giving too much away, the theme of the video involves cats and we think people will laugh at our unique & quirky sense of humor.

We also continue to work on putting together a huge re-mix contest for "David Bowie is Dead?". Sammy's dream is to have a full re-mix album in the future so we're really looking forward to hearing what other people come up with! Details will be announced soon!

Also, we have also been working hard on getting our live show ready for this Friday, August 10th, and our launch party for our EP. We're playing at a great venue in Vancouver (Joe's Apt, 919 Granville Street) and know it's going to be a blast!

Writing in Progress

This week we have been working on a new song entitled "Suburbia". It's a new direction for the group and also a foundation for the new songs on the future EP in the same way that "Less Conversation" was the foundation for the songs we wrote for our forthcoming EP "XOXOX".

"Suburbia's" lyrical theme is about a down on his luck guy who's stuck in a middle class rut searching for a way out. It's almost an downer anthem with a hook laden sunshine pop bounce.

We are looking forward to getting this song recorded a.s.a.p. and letting people hear our new more mature songwriting style.

We Signed w/ Porterhouse!

The big news is that we just signed with Porterhouse! Woah California dreaming indeed. We are so excited to be part of the growing Porterhouse family and their all digital label Porterhouse 101. The first step is re-releasing our XOXOX six song E.P. in a new updated digital package that will include an "e" booklet that includes lyrics and never seen band photos. We are also working up a new music video for our song "David Bowie Is Dead?".

From there it's on to a new 4 song E.P. that we are in the process of writing at this time. Stay tuned for updates on the new songs and the writing and production process. We'll be posting all sort of tidbits.

Be sure to check out the Porterhouse Records Twitter and Facebook accounts and follow them for more updates as well as checking back here for news we post ourselves!

No Sweetheart Shows Scheduled at This Time

Once upon a time four best friends from Vancouver, BC, Canada, decided to meet up and jam. They wrote songs and laughed and drank cheap beer and talked about girls. They had some of the greatest times of their lives playing music, playing shows in and around Vancouver and Canada and also recording songs for people to hear.

Some time passed and then in September of 2011 they put a new EP called XOXOX out to the world with some new songs on it. The lyrics of these songs are like a letter to everyone with words that you wish you could say to someone or possibly everyone in your life. Then, at the end of this letter, you put XOXOX after your name, suggesting that the person who has just read this letter will feel that you love them with hugs and kisses. Maybe itís a reference to the symbols in a simple tic-tac-toe game. Or maybe it's a nod to one of the greatest songwriters ever, Elliot Smith.

Now we are starting a new chapter armed with our label partner Porterhouse, the refreshed XOXOX package is available and we are working up the new E.P. which will be the next step in our journey. Glad to have you with us!



(Marty, MK, Sammy, Jarred)