R.I.Y.L.: Matthew Sweet, Elvis Costello, Teenage Fanclub, Bob Mould

Steven Bradley


Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears - L.P.

Track Listing

  1. Love Tumbles Into Obsession
  2. You Walk By
  3. Pre-Emptive Strike
  4. Capitol Hill
  5. Can't Come Home
  6. Calendar Girl
  7. Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears
  8. I Will Too
  9. Loose Ends
  10. Hiding Place
  11. The Bargain

Steven Bradley Debuts at Porterhouse Records

After years on the drawing board Steven Bradley's debut L.P. "Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears" is finally arriving! You can pre-order the 12" Vinyl with download code right now at our online store. Compact Disc or Digital Download with E-Booklet will also be available for purchase on street day.

The release will be avilable digitally world-wide and limited streaming of the record's singles will be available on Spotify

Steven is active on social media so feel free to follow along on the platform of your choosing. We have provided links to his accounts as well as his official website on this player and on his Artist page here at our site.

Stream the entire record here at the site and get hip to perfomances contributed to the album by Steven's friends. There's appearances by members of MC5, Social Distortion, MXPX, 7 Seconds, Redd Kross, Grapes of Wrath/Northern Pikes and the Tom Waits and Jackson Brown bands as well.

Sept. 25 San Diego, CA The Casbah
Sept. 27 Los Angeles, CA The Redwood Bar

Steve Kravac grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. He's widley know for his work as a producer with acts like Less Than Jake, M.X.P.X. and Blink 182. He was awarded an RIAA Gold Record for his work on "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo" for M.X.P.X.

Flash forward to 2019 and the producer has become the songwriter and performing artist Steven Bradley. The "Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears" full-length draws on many of Steven's influences but the songwriting is orginal and unique in it's own right.

The sound is firmly rooted power pop and while some have likened it to the American sound of Big Star and Matthew Sweet but there's definitely a Britsh sensabilty that touchs on Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello as well.

Steven is currently rehearsing a full band line up and and will be supporting "Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears" with live performances in the near future.