R.I.Y.L.: Bad Brains, Minor Threat, J.F.A., Black Flag



Born To Soon... - L.P.

Track Listing

  1. Home Away From Home
  2. Ain't No You
  3. American Mould
  4. Double Cross
  5. Bunker Life
  6. Go To War
  7. Junk Head
  8. Beer Can Nightmare
  9. Pyramid Mall Blues
  10. So M.U.C.H Hate
  11. Pool Hunt
  12. Exit Death
  13. No Hope Religion
  14. So M.U.C.H Hate (1983 Demo)
  15. Exit Death (1983 Demo)
  16. No Hope Religion (1983 Demo)

"Born Too Soon" From Montreal Hardcore Punk Legends Sc.u.m. Is Back

It's been over 15 years since "Born Too Soon" has seen the light of day but Porterhouse is changing that with a gorgeous new re-issue. Featuring re-mastered audio painstakingly assembled in our own studios and an included download code that unlocks 3 of the band's earliest demo recordings, this is a package that exceeds the original. You can order one of only 500 copies pressed on gorgeous 12" Pink Opaque Vinyl right now in our online store.

The package includes all original artwork and completely revamped lyric insert. The band and producer worked together to infuse more grit and edge to the recordings which in the past have been described as slick or polished. Fans should love this fresh take on what is now a classic punk album.

A Digital Download will be included in the LP package at the Porterhouse website and the album will also be available for purchase world-wide through Apple Music, Spotify and all other online digital retailers.

However, there's no need to go to a third party platform to stream the record because we have it available to enjoy 24/7 here at the Porterhouse site in the band's Artist Destiation.

Sc.u.m. no longer perform live.

Hailing from Montreal, QC Sc.u.m were without a doubt the most relevant and respected band of the city's punk scene during the '80s. Brandishing a grinding sound that was akin to west-coast bands Black Flag and east-coasters Minor Threat, they nontheless developed their own flavor of hardcore-punk that sounds distinct and wildly powerful to this day.

While releasing just one LP in their career, that album is a non-stop punk rock roller coaster chocked with energy and attitude that other bands could never equal. The 13 song outing was the brainchild of band leader and guitarist Georges Pearson and featured drumming from Jean Gravel who went on to play with power-pop scenesters The Nils. Lead vocalist Anthony Mark put the whole production over the top, acting out the song's characters with relish. All the elements were in place to create an unforgettable recording. Captured in midnight sessions at Montreal's La Majeure studios "Born Too Soon" is an intrigal part of Canadian punk history.

After laying dormant for over 15 years Porterhouse has pieced the elements of this release together and brought them back to life. Re-mastered with an ear towards accentuating the dirt and attitude of the production, the audio jumps off the vinyl. Bonus tracks that feature the band's first demos have been included in the download package and the original artwork has been re-created, matching the original LP jacket exactly.