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Pointed Sticks


Perfect Youth - LP

Track Listing

  1. Marching Song
  2. Perfect Youth
  3. No Use For You
  4. American Song
  5. When She's Alone
  6. True Love
  7. 1-2
  8. The Witch
  9. Real Thing
  10. Way You Do
  11. Out Of Luck
  12. Part Of The Noise

Beautiful Future - LP

Track Listing

  1. Here Again
  2. Pessimist's Son
  3. Snapshot
  4. Trials Of The Picayune
  5. Two Pairs Of Shoes
  6. Infected
  7. Beautiful Future
  8. Born Undecided
  9. Billy Wilder
  10. For A Song
  11. There's The Door
  12. Anywhere

Waiting For The Real Thing - LP

Track Listing

  1. What Do You Want Me To Do
  2. Somebody's Mom
  3. Real Thing
  4. Out Of Luck
  5. Lies
  6. I'm Numb
  7. It's OK
  8. Apologies
  9. How Could You
  10. All I Could Take
  11. Worse
  12. New Ways
  13. All That Matters
  14. Love Or Money
  15. Real Thing (Alt Ver)
  16. The Witch (Stiff Ver)
  17. You Must Be Crazy (Bonus Track)

Three Lefts Make A Right - LP

Track Listing

  1. She's Not Alone Anymore
  2. Sentimental Fool
  3. Scrambled Eggs
  4. All Night
  5. By Your Side
  6. Leave Me Alone
  7. Too Late
  8. Wireless
  9. Igor Said
  10. Start Something New
  11. How I Felt
  12. Anytime
  13. On Fire

Pointed Sticks - LP

Track Listing

  1. La La La
  2. You're Not The One
  3. Broke
  4. Lovely Bird
  5. Tin Foil Hat
  6. Skerabap
  7. Impatient
  8. Yesterday's Girl
  9. Tsune's Song
  10. Simply Nothing

Pointed Sticks Unite Their Catalog at Porterhouse

Vancouver's godfathers of punk and power-pop the Pointed Sticks have moved to consolidate their entire recorded catalog with Porterhouse. The now classic album Perfect Youth will be joined with full-lengths "Three Lefts Make A Right," "Pointed Sticks" and the band's latest recording "Beautiful Future." Additionally, we have limited stock of the Sudden Death Records compliation "Waiting For The Real Thing" which features a colections of Pointed Sticks Singles and B-Sides.

The band continues to tour, with a return trip to Europe coming later in 2024 and limited dates in Western Canada. Be sure to check the band's tour scheule here in the Artist Destination. Pointed Sticks will be on the move in the future!

Pointed Sticks latest studio recording "Beautiful Future" is available in our web-store and is streaming in the band's Artist Destination 24/7. No need to go to Spotifty for a dose. Please keep an eye on our merch store for upcoming Pointed Sticks swag.

Upcoming Pointed Sticks Shows.

April. 26 Powell River, BC Carlson Loft
April 27 Roberts Creek, BC Royal Canadian Legion #219

Formed in 1977 Pointed Sticks were a cornerstone of the Vancouver punk scene who broke ground with a string of 7" recordings punctated with high energy live performances that won the band instant fans. A cherry spot leading of the "Vancouver Complication" compliation record also helped garner attention. It wasn't long before Stiff Records caught wind of what was going on and inked the band to a record deal. But that release wasn't meant to be. Cancelled due to "budgetary issues" the band was dropped and left to pick up the pieces. And that they did in spades, pairing up with producer Bob Rock to create "Perfect Youth." Considered one of the era's finest, the LP set a high bar and infuenced many other bands.

After calling it quits in the early '80s the band reformed and began paying shows and recording again. Their output stands at three full-lengths and a compliation of Singles and B-Sides entitled "Waiting For The Real Thing." The band's latest studio LP Beautiful Future is now availible worldwide digitally and Porterhouse has the 12" vinyl package in our web-store for order now.

Porterhouse will be releasing other legacy recordings from Pointed Sticks as well as new recordings. In fact, there is currently a radio single in the works for the song "Infected" from Beautiful Future.