R.I.Y.L.: Big Star, The Nerves, Velvet Undergound, Sloan



View From The Bottom - E.P.

Track Listing

  1. The Rebel Kind
  2. Femme Fatale
  3. Red Nails
  4. (I Can Only Give You) Everything
  5. Static

Gone But Not Forgiven - Double L.P.

Track Listing

  1. New Society
  2. Trouble Is My Business
  3. Surf City Strangler
  4. No Tears
  5. Get Modern
  6. Won't Have To Worry
  7. Can't Explain
  8. She
  9. Suicide Club
  10. Barbra
  11. Teen City
  12. Little Girls
  13. Sweater Girl
  14. Confidential
  15. New Society
  16. Celebrity Crackup
  17. Surf City Strangler
  18. Can't Expain
  19. No Tears

Teen City - E.P.

Track Listing

  1. Barbra
  2. Suicide Club
  3. Celebrity Crackup
  4. Confidential
  5. Little Girls
  6. Teen City

Modernettes Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "View From The Bottom" With Long Awaited Re-Issue

When the Modernettes released "View From the Bottom in 1982, it was a stab at boosting their status from local scene darlings to that of a national act. The raw energy from their debut EP "Teen City" was brought into focus and song selection featured more mid-tempo numbers that had a better chance at radio play. Sporting 4 original tunes that all had depth and resonance, and one cover of the Velvet Undergound's "Femme Fatale" it felt like a complete package.

Despite excellent local media support the release didn't break the band wide open. However, those in the know snapped up copies of the EP quickly and the original vinyl became a rare collectors item that still fetches upwards of $250.00 on the open market.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this power-pop nugget Porterhouse has rebuilt the release from scratch. Audio has been captured and lovingly remastered for vinyl as only we do. Original jacket design has been re-created and we're including a new insert that features reflections from band leader John (Buck Cherry) Armstrong as well as the gorgeous image used for the poster that was originally included in the EP. You can pre-order one of only 300 copies on opaque red vinyl from this anniversary pressing right now in our online store. The package will include a digital download and "View From The Bottom" is available for purchase world-wide at Apple Music and all online Digital retail outlets.

Be sure to stream the entire record here at the Porterhouse site and get reaquianted with this Canadian power pop classic.

Modernettes no longer perform live.

Formed in Vancouver B.C. the Modernettes were a local scene staple along with bands like Pointed Sticks, Young Canadians and D.O.A. Led by frontman and priciple songwriter Buck Cherry, they carved out a place for themselves packing local shows and opening for national acts at the famous Commodore Ballroom. Buck's foil Mary Jo Kopechne was a graceful presence, her airy and seductive vocals commanding complete attention and her skilled musicianship anchoring their sound. The band's original three piece line up was rounded out by drummer Jughead who was succeded by local phenom Ian Noble. The band also added lead guitarist Randy Valentino when after a short hiatus, the group reformed to deliver "View from The Bottom."

The band left us two EPs and an LP of live and unreleased material entitled "Gone But Not Forgiven." Buck Cherry went on to exploit his writing skills as a music journalist and novelist, and he continues to write to this day. The band did a few "reunion" shows but with a different line up.

Porterhouse has captured "View From The Bottom" and is pressing it on clear red vinyl to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the EP. With only 500 copies manufactured we expect this version to mantain and increase in value over time. Stream the entire record here at the band's Artist Destination and be sure to pre-order your copy today at our webstore for delivery right to your door.