R.I.Y.L.: The Get Up Kids, Superdrag & Teenage Fanclub

Lightweight Holiday


Self Titled

Track Listing

  1. Goodnight and Goodbye
  2. Take Me Home
  3. Please
  4. F.Y.I.
  5. Little Adrenaline
  6. Can't Wait to See You
  7. Fighting for You
  8. So Fake
  9. Keep On
  10. Make Me
  11. Feel Alright
  12. The Prize

While there is no new news regarding Lightweight Holiday (the group disbanded several years ago) we have made their self titled debut record available for live stream and purchase through the Porterhouse 101 system because this record received such critical acclaim and still stands as an indie rock flash point. Produced by Steve Kravac (M.X.P.X. Tsunami Bomb) the record is a deep and balanced outing that has great songwriting and musical performances as it's focal point.

Consider what music writers had to say about the bands debut:

"This Cincinnati four piece tosses in a healthy sprinkling of American power-pop into what would normally be a genera-punk affair for most other bands in Lightweight Holiday's position. True they do hint at radio punk on a couple of selections, but Holiday generally opts for intelligent, deftly created guitar-pop more in line with Superdrag, Smoking Popes, and even Elvis Costello if you really care to dissect influences. Prodigiously smart, Lightweight Holiday's hook driven prowess fuels their debut's most convincing moments like "So Fake" and "Feel Alright" into more than just sticky-sweet pop confections, but true keepers."
Neal Agneta
The Big Takeover

"Heavyweight awesomeness"
Rocktober Magazine

"The debut release from this Cincinnati quartet is a tight, nuanced explosion of old school rock and roll. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this incredibly catchy album is the maturity of the songwriting by a band whose members are all only 16-17 years old. Their music, inspired by the likes of The Small Faces and The Get Up Kids, is upbeat rock at it's best. Not since the likes of Australia's Silverchair have we had a band this talented at this stage in their career. They've got the look, they've got the sound."
Skratch Magazine

"These guys are really a cut above the rest"
Graham Bailey

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Lightweight Holiday have disbanded and no longer perform live.

The Original Lightweight Holiday Biography:

Cincinnati is a special place in Middle-America. Charlie Hustle's name still graces the Boulevard downtown, as if to say a hallowed place will always be reserved for the disgraced. Corporate giants General Electric and Proctor and Gamble loom over the ever graying landscape between twisted freeways, and the ghost of Doctor Johnny Fever beacons you as you cross the Brent Spence Bridge.

In a town where you put up, or get knocked flat on your ass… where the homeless are tougher than the football team, you learn early that respect is earned and the future holds little for the weak of heart.

Not a place that you would deem to be an artistic enclave…but something must have drifted down the river and deposited the seed of true Ohio rock and roll on the banks of this bleak outpost. The Dead Boys, The Pretenders, even his royal ghastliness Brian Warner have all drank from it's waters and gone on to immortality.

Now a new chapter is about to be written by four young men whose basement forays have turned fantasy into rock hard reality. LIGHTWEIGHT HOLIDAY have emerged to snatch the crowned jewels and become the heirs to Ohio's rock throne.

Polishing the gems of hits to be, Andy, Joey, Justin, and Matt have banded together to create a truly relevant sound that captures rocks past, present, and future. Sounding cohesive and authoritative, LIGHTWEIGHT HOLIDAY are paving a road that others merely hope to tread on.

Drawing on influences as wide ranging as The Undertones, The Small Faces, Teenage Fanclub and Superdrag, the boys always manage to make it appear effortless and incendiary, while maintaining an aura of composure and cool you wish they sold in a neat package. Wait a minute! They do sell that package, and it'll be on your favorite record stores shelf this summer. So pour yourself a Beam and Coke, sit back…and wait for the fireworks to begin. These guys are going to trash the 'Nati and all points beyond.