Porterhouse 101 is a digital only collection of music from artists we partner with and support.

Named with a tip of the hat to the binary code, Porterhouse 101 has arrived to enhance music discovery and distribution.

The 101 store is unlike other digital stores in the respect that it gives each artist their own area to connect with you the music lover and fan.

Seek out an act that you like and then drop into their world for music downloads, news and touring updates, ring-tones and wallpaper, or just to listen to a few songs and discover something new.

It's all about giving you a broader picture of who these artists are and allowing you to discover more about them then you would in other online stores. From direct links to their social networking sites to getting new music on your player, Porterhouse 101 serves both artist and listener in a unique fashion.

Welcome to the 101!

Porterhouse 101 is continually seeking new artists to join and grow our family.

We realize that though diversity comes strength and our goal is to give undiscovered or developing acts a opportunity to let the world find out what they have to offer.

Acts of all genres are welcome to submit content to our A&R Department, for potential inclusion on the 101 label.

Submissions should be transmitted electronically in mp3 format.

We request that when submitting, you send us one song to begin with, if we like what we hear we will get in touch with you and ask for more. Sending multiple tracks will not get you to the front of the line!

All submissions should include your contact information: (ie) email, address and phone.

All submissions should be sent to: [email protected]

General Information & Business Affairs

- [email protected]

Radio Promotions

- [email protected]

Press Correspondence

- [email protected]

A & R 101

- [email protected]