Here are some albums that you can find at Porterhouse Records.

Three albums from X's glorious creative peak "Wild Gift", "Under the Big Black Sun" and "More Fun in the New World". All are re-mastered off the original analog tapes straight from the vaults. Pressed on thick 180 gram black vinyl, these records all include dead accurate original artwork and inner lyric sheets as per the originals. Created by X fans for X fans these 12" beauties are a thrilling immersion into the sonic punch, lyrical bite and all around electricity of this extraordinary band.

"The great thing about these re-issues is that they are perfect reproductions of the originals," says X lead vocalist Exene Cervenka-who along with her bandmates-oversaw the re-issues. "No extra tracks. No updated modern ugly graphics, no editorializing. They are time capsules."

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