Los Angeles is one of the few places that could percolate Little Misses, a band who's sound has a recognizable thread but is totally unique at the same time.

Drawing from influences like the mighty X and the Byrds as well as harder rocking influences like the Runaways and the Muffs, Little Misses debut album "Whatevers" will be making fans fast.

Led by Jerra who's stellar voice and evolved writing style anchor the band, Little Misses captures the energy of punk rock without ever sounding trite or tired.

Filling out the record are crack performances from Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Dean Pleasants as well as Suicidal alumni, drummer Ron Bruner Jr. and his brother bassist Steve Bruner. But don't start thinking this is a metal record. "Whatevers" runs a gamut of Americana, punk and pop.

Conjuring images of abandoned saloons, booze in a paper cup and teenage road rage in a chop hot hot rod, Jerra's escapist fantasies come down hard with stories of complacency and self-destruction.

Produced and mixed by Los Angeles based knob twister Steve Kravac, the Little Misses L.P. also benefited from his performances on drums, bass and electric guitars.

The record is streaming now at the Porterhouse site, so give "Whatevers" a listen out and stay tunes for more on L.A's newest project.