R.I.Y.L.: T-Rex, Tom Waits, Mott the Hoople, Beatles

7 Deadly 5

Hallmark of Flavor

Track Listing

  1. Tell Me, Mr Nelson
  2. Filtered Head
  3. Big Wow
  4. Thank You Elmo Lincoln
  5. Chromium Shield
  6. Fake Surprise
  7. Rock My Monkey To The Moon
  8. Hammer & Matches
  9. Takes So Long
  10. I Think You Got Your Monks Mixed Up
  11. The Angles Are Bowling Tonight
  12. San Fernando Valley
  13. Tired
  14. Purple Johnny Haze
  15. Carousel

"The Hallmark of Flavor" Hits

The digital "Hallmark" L.P. will be available on Friday June 15th, on iTunes and all other digital music retailers.

Catch the band reprising "The Hallmark of Flavor" in a mini tour of Los Angeles starting with the Wild Honey Backyard Concert June 17. Click on "Tour" to see a full list of dates

7 Deadly 5 Tour of LA

This brilliant 15 song full length was originally released on Compact Disc in 1995 on Velvetone Records. The line-up includes longtime Tom Waits and Social Distortion keyboardist Danny McGough, Guitarist, Max Ferguson and Bassist, Ilene Markell.


June 17 Eagle Rock, CA Wild Honey Backyard Concert
June 18 Los Angeles, CA The Love Song Bar at The Regent
June 19 Los Angeles, CA The Redwood Bar
June 21 Los Angeles, CA Cafe Nela