Art Bergmann Collaborates w/ MC5’s Wayne Kramer on an Election Year Anthem; “Christo Fascists” Single and Video Are Here!

Art begins his latest battle cry in the year 1968 and invites Democratic Convention performer Wayne Kramer of the MC5 aboard to nail the point home. It’s cross border collaboration between two guys who know how to stick it to the man!

In the spirit of cooperation between the two countries, Oct 27th sees a tandem video launch via the renowned music publications Exclaim! in Canada and New Noise Magazine in the United States. Director Thor Henrikson created the masterpiece in a mad dash before election day.

“Christo Fascists” is the first single from Art’s forthcoming album ‘Late Stage Empire Dementia’ which will see release in early 2021. Producer Russell Broom (Jann Arden, Chixdiggit) delivers a track that meets the message. The message has arrived and you can get it right here!

Germs (MIA) Production Update. Pre-Order Shipping Updated to Oct.30!!!

Hello Germs fans, we have a further update on MIA production. This afternoon (9/23) our Pressing Plant reached out to inform us that they need another 3 weeks to deliver the Germs “(MIA) The Complete Anthology” to us. Therefore, we are forced to move our ship date back. We will now ship on or about Oct. 30.

Apparently, the backlogs due to Covid related plant shutdowns earlier in the year were worse than anticipated. We’ve never been placed in a situation like this before and we’re asking everyone to hang in there for an extra few weeks. We’ve been diligent about keeping everyone up to date and passing on information whenever it becomes available. We also post news on social media when we have updates.

Please be aware that no product will be shipping to retail stores until all pre-sales customers orders have filled and shipped. You are our first priority. The shipping department is warming up and we just received hundreds of LP mailers to wrap your precious new acquisition in.

Again we apologize for the delays, please bear with us a few more weeks and we’ll deliver you the worldwide debut of The Germs (MIA) The Complete Anthology on vinyl.

Steven Bradley Debut L.P. is a Critical Smash! New Video "Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears" Just Debuted via New Noise Magazine.

Critics have responded to the debut LP "Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears" from Steven Bradley with open arms and music scribes have consistantly cited Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe when measuring Bradley's strength as a songwriter.

Tom Sevrin of Ripple Effect says "Timeless in their execution, sublime in their production. These songs are so full of melodic hooks, that you can't help but get them stuck in your mid-brain."

Baby Sue made the record their Top Pick and said that "Bradley immediately lays the groundwork for what is bound to be a solid and captivating career in the world of cool and truly inspired guitar pop."

The album has receieved a 9/10 nod from Music Connection, Hits Daily Double called it "a blast of power-pop reminiscent of Big Star" and Ox Magazine called it "a nearly perfect album."

If all that good news wasn't exciting enough, a third video from the album just arrived for its title track. Premiere music publication New Noise Magazine is curating its Worldwide debut and you can see it now on the Porterhouse Video page here!.

Young Canadians "Hawaii" 40th Anniversary 12" EP Re-ish is Here, With All EPs Finally Available on Porterhouse Records!

Seminal Vancouver punk rock band the Young Canadians recorded three studio EPs between 1979 and 1981. "Automan, "This is Your Life" and "Hawaii" are all considered classics of their time. Therefore, it is with great joy that we announce the entire Young Canadians catalog is now available digitally in our Record Store. An expanded Live collection entitled "I Hate Music" is on the way in the future.

The long out of print "Hawaii" 12" EP from Vancouver's Young Canadians has just arrived on clear orange vinyl and the boutique pressing of only 250 copies is selling fast! The Bob Rock produced record includes all original artwork, download code and an Easter egg insert.

Jump over to our Record Store page here right now to see all our available Young Canadians releases and complete your collection!

Sterling Sound Carves Germs in Covid Lacquer Lockdown!

Here’s real time footage of (MIA) The Complete Anthology being cut to lacquer by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville. Ryan describes the cut as sounding “excellent” and he should know as he cuts for the very best.